Reflection #1

<ul> <li class="question">What's your take on the DBC/EDA experience? What are your impressions?</li> <p class="answer">EDA teaching approach is completely new to me, as before I studied only in traditional schools and universities. My first impression is absolutely positive, and I am totally open to the new study technique.</p> <li class="question">How do you see yourself engaging with this type of culture?</li> <p class="answer">No doubt, it will be fun to be a part of EDA culture :)</p> <li class="question">Have your expectations of EDA changed? If so, how?</li> <p class="answer"> I visited DevAcademy both in Wellington and Auckland before I signed up, so I had a idea what it looks like. And for the moment it's all being in step with my expectations. </p> <li class="question">Are you excited to participate in this kind of learning environment? Does it make you nervous?</li> <p class="answer">I am very excited about EDA environment! Don't feel too nervous, as I know we will support each other! :)</p> </ul>

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I want to join EDA too!

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