Cultural Blog Part 5. Self Awareness

<ul> <li class="question">What is the relationship between mindfulness and self awareness?</li> <p class="answer"> When you deep self-awareness, you develop clarity within yourself. With self-awareness you are able to access your own inner wisdom. And self-awareness is the importand part of emotional intelligence, which in its turn is a singnificant part of mindfulness. Emotional awareness operates at the level of physiology and self-assessment is at the level of meaning. Once you assess yourself accurately, you are able to see your strengths and weaknesses, that you can analyse. Self-assessment comes from emotional awareness. The concept is in linear relationship "between the three emotional competencies of self-awareness—that strong emotional awareness leads to more accurate self-assessment, which in turn leads to higher self-confidence". </p> <li class="question">What was your experience of the self awareness practices?</li> <p class="answer"> I liked the idea of journaling, found it's a good practice of self-discovery by writing. And I found it's interesting how the author compared journaling "as mindfulness of thoughts and emotions". </p> <li class="question">What did you take away from the "My Emotions are Not Me" section?</li> <p class="answer"> While we tend to think that our emotions are a part of us, as we deepen our self-awareness, we begin to realise that we are not our emotions. Emotions are only what we feel, but not who we are. It's like clouds - they are not the sky, they are just in the sky, coming and going away... </p> </ul>

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