Cultural Blog Part 7. Motivation

<ul> <li class="question">How does life look through the 'pleasure, passion and purpose' lens?</li> <p class="answer"> There are three types of happiness: pleasure, passion and higher purposes. The described approach suggests we should spend most of our energy on higher purpose, then on passion, and the pleasure is at the end of the list. </p> <li class="question">From the 'discovering values and higher purpose' exercise: what are your core values, what do you stand for?</li> <p class="answer"> The core value for me is my family's well-being and happiness, and also maitaining a healthy work&life balance, personal growth and passion to achieve new horizons. </p> <li class="question">How did you find the resilience ideas and meditation exercise?</li> <p class="answer"> Resilience is about overcoming obstacles through inner calm, emotional and cognitive resilience. I think the ability to access your inner calm opens a door to control your emotions and clear your mind. It may be considered as a step to happiness :) </p> </ul>

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Meditation is a good way of relaxation

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