Reflections on time and habit techniques

<ul> <li class="question">Which timebox and habits techniques did you try?</li> <p class="answer">I haven't tried any particular technique yet, except for creating a to-do list of small tasks. And then I work on it while don't cross them all out.</p> <li class="question">What did you find interesting?</li> <p class="answer">I found interesting a research on how meditation affects our brain work.</p> <li class="question">What worked for you?</li> <p class="answer">To-do list is the thing number 1 for me, as it helps to structure the plan.</p> <li class="question">Which will you experiment further with?</li> <p class="answer">I think I'll research more on Fogg Method, and will try it.</p> </ul>

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I found Pomodoro technique helpful

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