Cultural Blog Part 3. Meditation Process

<ul> <li class="question">What did you think about meditation before reading chapter 2?</li> <p class="answer"> I've never tried meditation, but I think it can help to clear your mind especially in stressful situations. </p> <li class="question">What new things have you learnt about meditation?</li> <p class="answer">I've never thought about meditation from scientific point of view. I've learnt that in fact meditation is a mental training practice, and there are many types of them. One of them is mindfulness meditation and it develops emotional intelligence.<br> Another interesting fact, which sounds really simple, but so true is that "when the mind is calm and clear at the same time, happiness spontaneously arises". </p> <li class="question">Did any of the suggested meditation techniques stand out to you?/li> <p class="answer">As the author compares exercise and meditation, and found a lot of similarities, I would stick with exercises for now :) however, might try meditation to improve attention and concentration. </p> <li class="question">Any other musings?</li> <p class="answer">I liked that statement: "Happiness is the default state of mind". Another interesting discussion is about common things in meditation and science. Meditation is mostly about self-discovery and with mindfulness meditation we can increase our brain efficiency. </p> <li class="question">How did the 'process over product' concept affect the way you tackled the site redesign and rebuild?</li> <p class="answer">With "process over product" approach I had to find the aspects to improve, first of all on technical side. As every week we learn new techniques, there are more and more features coming up that we can apply and implement into the website. As this week was about respinsive design, I had to rewrite both HTML and CSS structure to make the blog to look nice across all devices. </p> </ul>

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