Technical Blog Part 4. JavaScript Basics

<ul> <li class="question">How does JavaScript compare to HTML and CSS?</li> <p class="answer"> HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together on a background of a webpage, so browser know how to load the data. While HTML is a structure, CSS is a style, Javascript adds interactive elements to a webpage, and also makes a webpage to react on user's actions. So basically JS is able to change web page content or style in response to events coming from user's side. </p> <li class="question">Explain control flow and loops using an example process from everyday life, for example 'waking up' or 'brushing your teeth'.</li> <p class="answer"> Javascript supports control flow statements, e.g. if, for, while. Example from real life: <u>IF today is Saturday</u>, THEN get up at 9am, otherwise get up at 7am. In this example <u>"if today is Saturday"</u> is a control flow statement.<br> Loops allows you to execute the same blosk of code a number of times. Example from real life: <u>WHILE baking bread</u>, set the temperature at 200 °C. It means that every time you are making bread, you know the temperature, and your cookbook doesn't need to repeat it every time for different bread recipes. </p> <li class="question">Explain the difference between accessing data from arrays and object literals.</li> <p class="answer"> It is easier to explain the difference on the following examples: <br> <u>Accessing data from arrays</u>:<br> Array: var countries = ["Canada", "Japan", "Italy", "Vanuatu"];<br> To access data we use bracket [ ] notation and refer to index: countries [0] // returns "Canada". <br> <u>Object literals</u>:<br> Object: var giraffe = {name: "Melman", age: 10, height: 6, color: "yellow"}; <br> To access data we can use literal notation: giraffe.name // returns "Melman". </p> <li class="question">Explain what functions are and why they are useful.</li> <p class="answer"> Function is a set of rule where we tell computer what to do. A function takes an input (an argument), does something with it and gives you back a result (an output). And later you can use this result in your code. You need to use functions to stick with one of the main programming rules: "Don't Repeat Yourself". </p> </ul>

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